Middle East yacht brokerage and services company Bush & Noble has signed an agreement with Gulf Craft, the region’s largest yacht-builder, to market and sell its pre-owned models. Gulf Craft says the agreement is part of the company’s “continued focus on international growth and recognition”.

Under the deal, Bush & Noble Yacht Brokerage will act as Gulf Craft’s official broker for the shipyard’s select pre-owned yachts and boats. The appointment will provide a full marketing and distribution service to help expand and promote the trading of pre-owned Gulf Craft vessels to international prospects.

Since being formed in 2012 by co-founders John Bush and Brett Noble, Dubai-based Bush & Noble has quickly established itself as a leading regional professional brokerage house. The two founders have more than 30 years of combined experience in the luxury yacht sector and in its short history it has developed a strong reputation for servicing both its local and international clients.

This track record and Gulf Craft’s status as a global innovative yacht and superyacht builder make for a natural match between the two businesses, providing emphasis on quality of service to international clients.

“We are proud to welcome Bush & Noble into the Gulf Craft network,” said Gregory Yeakle, CEO of Gulf Craft. “It is the beginning of yet another exciting new voyage, as we foresee immense growth potential. The Majesty Yachts collection holds its value longer than comparable models and promises even next generation owners many more exciting years of service. Bush & Noble are renowned for their consultancy services along with their impartial guidance to the yacht owners and they are sure to enhance our global presence.”

Bush, a co-founder and director of the Bush & Noble business, told IBI: “Initially it will be GCC-based yachts. We are working on a European deal with GC that will include a similar arrangement. All pricing assessments will be done by us and approved by GC. The deal covers any brand that comes in as part ex or stock.

“We are talking with a few manufacturers at the moment in terms expanding into Europe,” he adds. “Our focus is Spain with three targeted sites Barcelona, Mallorca and the Costa del Sol. We will also open in the UK in conjunction with the first Spanish office. These new offices won’t be in our partner network but will be B&N-owned or a joint venture.”