Days after Cantiere del Pardo said that the Italian courts had decided in its favour regarding its dispute with HanseYachts, the German manufacturer of the Fjord line has issued a statement directly contradicting the del Pardo statement.

HanseYachts had filed a lawsuit against Cantiere del Pardo, alleging that the Italian manufacturer has directly copied the Fjord 42 for its Cantiere del Pardo 43 design. It said that the Court of Genoa has ordered Cantiere del Pardo to stop manufacturing the 42 and that injunction is still in effect. HanseYachts said that on the 7th of March, the court confirmed its preliminary injunction.

“As a consequence they are still ‘forbidden to further manufacture, advertise, hold, exhibit, promote, sell or transfer the Pardo 43, limited to economic relations already existing or that will be instituted in the future in the Italian territory.’”

HanseYachts said it would “take all legal measures necessary in order to enforce this order”.

Cantiere del Pardo said last week that the same court had essentially completed the case by judging that its boat was not a direct copy of the Fjord 42. IBI has requested that both companies provide original court documentation.

“This court decision is a milestone for the boating industry,” said Dr Jens Gerhardt, CEO of the HanseYachts AG, in the HanseYachts statement. “The future task of the industry will be to prevent unfair copies such as the imitation of the original Fjord 42 open, in order to maintain a versatile and high quality market for customers.”

Since it is traded on the Frankfurt stock exchange, HanseYachts also said that it is “legally obliged by law” to state the truth.