HanseYachts says it has received a preliminary injunction by an Italian court against an Italian competitor to stop building a boat that it describes as “imitative”. The company said in a statement that the court order forbids the Italian builder to “manufacture, advertise, exhibit, promote, sell or transfer the imitative boat” in Italy.

Hanse did not name the competitor but said it was a copy of its Fjord line. The court has found that the imitative yacht is likely to be perceived as a “Latin version” of the Fjord 42, therefore giving rise to both a likelihood of confusion and a free-riding on HanseYachts’ commercial success on part of the Italian shipyard,” said the Hanse statement. The decision could be appealed by the Italian company.

“This is an important partial victory,” says Dr Jens Gerhardt, CEO of HanseYachts AG. “Usually, certain details have been copied to date, such as the Dehler Uni Door or the signature window lines of the Sealine and Hanse families. We have taken this sportive until now, and see it as a compliment in many ways for our innovative and outstanding quality in design. But the copy of an entire boat is something that we cannot accept.”