Hempel is updating its range of yacht coatings to meet the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) when it comes into effect in 2018. To meet the BPR, all key biocides used in antifouling yacht paints in the EU must be risk assessed, registered and filed for approval before January 1, 2018. The new regulations affect all paint producers, distributors, shops, pro applicators and yacht owners in the EU.

“BPR is an excellent opportunity for us to improve our formulations to ensure they continue to meet the increasingly high demands of yacht owners and applicators in the EU,” says Thomas Olsen, marketing & business manager for Hempel’s Yacht segment. “Hempel is a global leader in developing and producing yacht coatings. We have been working with the regulatory requirements for the last five years. Some of the products will be new, but they will have the same trusted quality.”

2018 will be a year of transition for the yacht industry, with both old and new antifouling products available on the market. To keep the transition simple, Hempel’s new products will have the same names of those they are replacing.

“Our main message is simple: There will be no significant changes for boat owners or applicators; it’s the same product names and same trusted Hempel quality,” Olsen adds.

In 2018, Hempel will also launch a new packaging design that makes it even easier for users to identify product uses and benefits.