Taiwan-based motoryacht-builder the Horizon Group celebrated its 30th anniversary in Kaohsiung last month alongside one of the company’s major milestones – Horizon City Marina, the first private marina in Taiwan.

Over 3,300 guests, including employees, their families and friends, and business partners, attended the event, which provided everything from a food court, amusement rides and games, to a live concert at the end of the night.

The opening ceremony took place at the Horizon Plaza, where guests counted down to zero with Horizon CEO John Lu. When zero was reached, the yachts in the marina blew their horns and officially opened the celebrations. Guests were then guided to form the number 30, and the image was recorded and projected onto the main stage screen by a drone.

At Horizon City Marina, employees’ families and friends were offered the experience of touring five luxury yachts – the RP110, FD85, E62, E56 and E56XO – to get a feel for the yachting lifestyle. This was a special event for the family and friends of Horizon employees.

In the evening, the lights went out and a giant screen played Horizon’s 30th anniversary video, which documents the company’s journey and history over the past three decades. Horizon CEO John Lu, chairman James Cheng and the managers then raised their glasses and asked all guests to share in a toast to the past, present and future for Horizon.

Founded in 1987, Horizon Yachts is said to be the fifth largest custom luxury yacht builder in the world, and the number one builder in the Asia Pacific region.