The International Council of Marine Industry Associations’ (ICOMIA) Superyacht Refit and Coatings Applicator Groups met today at the Novotel Monte Carlo for their annual superyacht session held prior to the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show.

In a day-long session, both groups met separately and together to discuss the top priorities facing the refit and coatings sectors.

The Refit Group also welcomed a new member, US-based BAE Systems. Its large yacht facility in North Florida is designed to service yachts up to 120m and boasts environmentally-controlled indoor shops for machining, pipe repair, carpentry, sheet metal fabrication and insulation.

BAE also has a self-contained, environmentally controlled blast and paint facility; a fully-automated steel surface preparation and coating facility; and a steel fabrication facility with numerically controlled plasma cutting system.

The Refit Group also reviewed the latest legislative updates within IMO, including the Ballast Water Management Convention, FRP within ships’ structures, second generation intact stability criteria, 3000 GT mooring operations, non-SOLAS vessels operating in polar waters, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, reduction of GHG emissions and the NOx Tier III limits.

As well as receiving updates from ICOMIA on current ISO TC 8/SC 12 standards and the new Red Ensign Group Yacht Code, a new consolidated code for regulating the construction and operation of superyachts, which has an expected application date of January 2019 – one year after its publication at The Superyacht Forum, held from November 13-16 as part of METSTRADE 2017.

Meanwhile, the Applicators Group reviewed the latest in DOI and gloss issues related to inspections and measurements, in particular the problems in benchmarking from visual inspection.

The Applicators also discussed the fact there are a very limited number of insurance providers with expertise in underwriting and outlining the parameters of how coatings systems could be insured – with some restricting insurance to one paint manufacturer only.

The joint group session on environmental legislation covered Isocyanate, Titanium Di-Oxide, Bisphenol and Microplastics – which affect both refit and coatings.