Italian superyacht builder Mondo Marine has taken a minority stake in the Chinese yacht builder Sease Yach Co Ltd in Suzhou. The deal, for which no monetary value or share stake size has been given, will see the Chinese company acting as Mondo’s dealer and also jointly building Mondo yachts up to about 27m (89ft).

A series of fibreglass yachts of 16.5m (54ft), 18.90m (62ft) and 26.8m (88ft) will be built in Sease’s shipyard in cooperation with Mondo Marine Engineering. IBI understands that in terms of acting as Mondo’s dealer, this will relate to the greater China area including the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao.

At the Hainan show the owners of Mondo Marine, Roberto Zambrini and Alessandro Falciai, commented that they see China as an important market for them in the future, both for the smaller yachts they will be building and also superyachts.

Sease Yachting was formed in 2007 and currently employs around 200 workers at its 31,500m2 shipyard in Suzhou. Sease builds three yachts of 14m (46ft), 16m (53ft) and 19m (62ft). They were designed by Bill Dixon and Cor D Rover.

The expansion into China is another move of Mondo Marine in developing an international network. It builds on the appointment of Denison to represent them in the US; the appointment of SF Yachts to act for them in the Middle East and the most recent appointment of Yacht Moments. The later deal, recently announced, will see Yacht Moments representing Mondo in Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and Benelux.