Semidep-Ciotat (La Ciotat Shipyards), which manages the impressive array of facilities at La Ciotat in the South of France, is seeking up to three partners to share in a new €100m investment to further expand the facility. The main asset of the new project will be a 4,000-tonne capacity shiplift to be operational by the start of 2022.

Jean-Yves Saussol, SEMIDEP’s CEO, told IBI: “This is a new project to develop a new platform with the 4,000-tonne shiplift which will take four years to complete. It will be ready for late 2021 or the start of the season in 2022. This will be a new platform to add to those that we already have with the 2,000-tonne platform, the 300-tonne platform and the 200m (656ft) drydock.”

The new shiplift will be dedicated to yachts over 80m (263ft) and Saussol indicated that the actual technology that will be chosen has not yet been decided on. “We have been in touch with a number of companies such as Synchrolift and once we have appointed the partners then we will decide on the right technology for the project,” he said.

“The partners will have a 35-year operating concession which is the longest we can give. With the 2,000 tonne lift project with Monaco Marine as the partner the concession is for 50-years but the law has changed and we can now only give 35-years,” he added. “We are already working with a number of partners in the La Ciotat facility such as Blohm + Voss La Ciotat (a Lurssen subsidiary); Compositeworks and Monaco Marine. These partners may share in the new project.”

Blohm + Voss La Ciotat is working on a 35-month long concession which ends in November 2019.

For the new project La Ciotat Shipyards has issued a call for 1-3 private operators to share in the new venture and the €100m investment that is involved. The new project will be geared to the refit and repair of superyachts over 80m.


• Number of potential candidates awarded: 1-3 operators

• Minimum amount of the contribution: €8m for one lot

• Technical specifications of the platform and the 4000 tonne capacity shiplift: The selected partners will be involved in the design and implementation of the project, in order to create a tool that meets the needs of operators, within a  "tailor-made" approach.

• Duration of occupancy rights on the platform: up to 35 years

• Size, shape and characteristics of the lots concerned: flexible, to deepen in the negotiations, based on the proposals submitted

• Estimated starting date of work: end of 2019

• Estimated opening date of the platform: end of 2021

• Closing date of the call for projects: February 2, 2018