A new marine sector induction course has been launched by the Malta Maritime Forum in association with the Malta Maritime Research and Training Centre and the full endorsement of the Transport Malta Ports and Yachting Directorate.

The objective of the new course is to attract those already employed in the island’s extensive maritime industry plus others who might be interested in taking up work opportunities or developing a career in the sector. It is designed for shore-based personnel working at the Port Authority, in ship agency services, as freight forwarding agents, terminal operators, the large yachting sector and other maritime-related service providers.

The course offers learning options to address activities across Malta’s yachting and commercial marine sectors as follows:

  • creating awareness to newly-employed personnel in the shipping industry for land-based jobs
  • imparting a sense of situational awareness in candidates to reduce accidents
  • familiarising new candidates with ships and port regulations to avoid unnecessary mistakes and to increase efficiency
  • familiarising new candidates with a ship’s working procedures and personnel so as to have a better working relationship

Candidates for the course must be 18 years of age, be fluent in English, and have a sound knowledge of basic mathematics or work experience in the marine sector. On completion of the course, candidates will have gained the necessary knowledge of operations across the commercial marine and yachting sectors.

Malta has a large and wide-ranging yacht and superyacht sector incorporating several marinas, repair and refit yards, brokerage and charter.