METSTRADE has added two new members to its Exhibition Committee – Antoine Thomas, CEO of ENO in France, and Leo Stam, owner of Hydrosta of the Netherlands. Both executives have extensive experience in the industry and strong ties with the METSTRADE Show in Amsterdam.

Antoine Thomas took over ENO, a leader in galley equipment for boats, in 2003 with a partner and together they hold 67% of the capital. Thomas is in charge of business development and sales and marketing for the group, which includes ENO and F0RCE10.

Leo Stam has been director and owner of Hydrosta for over 20 years, expanding the product range with his engineering skills.

The METSTRADE Exhibition Committee is an advisory board - established in METSTRADE’s inaugural year 1988 - that consists of 7-8 executives of exhibiting and visiting companies who act as the voice and trend watchers of the global leisure marine industry. The committee is chaired by group director Maritime RAI Amsterdam, Irene Dros.

The International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) and its members are represented via their Secretary General, who has a permanent seat in the Exhibition Committee and in addition, five to six exhibitors represent a variety of segments within the equipment manufacturer market.

The term of membership is 5 to 6 years and subsequently every January part of the committee changes.