The first Seakeeper gyroscopic stabiliser has been installed in South Africa, a milestone for the local leisure market.

Seakeeper entered the South African market last year following the appointment of Boating World as its Africa agent. It has now been successfully installed in a 65ft Cape Town superyacht, the company confirmed in a statement. In addition, Boating World's technicians have all now completed Seakeeper installation training following a two-day training workshop, the company said.

Seakeeper stabilisers are designed to virtually eliminate boat roll on vessels larger than 30ft. The technology is pre-installed in many of the world's top leisure boats supplied into the local market by Boating World, including Fairline, Riviera and Sea Ray. However retro-fitting is now also in demand “as they require modest electrical power, no outside appendages, and can be installed virtually anywhere on board,” the company says.

The stabiliser involves a vacuum-encapsulated flywheel which spins at speeds of up to 10,700 rpm. “The gyro tilts fore and aft as the boat rolls, counteracting the movement through the powerful gyroscopic pull to port and starboard, eliminating feelings of seasickness, anxiety and fatigue,” the company says.