PME Power Systems Group has been named as the UK importer for Nanni Silver Series range of engines.

PME Group has represented MAN in the UK for over 20 years and were appointed the Marine Importer for MAN Marine last year. This year they have expanded the range of engines they offer by forming a new partnership with Nanni.

In 2014 Nanni signed an agreement with John Deere to marinise their base engines and create the Silver Series, giving them access to a range of engines from 400hp–800hp.

All three of the Silver Series engines, namely the N6.405, the N9.600 and the N13.800 are marinised John Deere 6 cylinder engine bases of 6L , 8L , 9L and 13L respectively.

The choice of Common Rail allows high-pressure injection of fuel, enabling the engine to maintain optimal performance as well as being user friendly.

Creating compact, lighter engines with optimised ratio weight/power, the Silver Series are perfectly adapted for both pleasure vessels and commercial applications.

The engines are available in compliance with EPA Tier 3 emissions standard and available with the new Nanni package of electronical control systems and joysticks.

As well as the Silver Series, PME will also be offering the full line of Nanni generator sets, with an output ranging from 5kW-300kW. Based on the popular Kubota design, the Nanni generator range is known for its reliability and benefits from worldwide parts and service support.

To support their partnership with Nanni, PME Group has appointed Martin Jackson, formerly of MIT, whose expertise in the industry PME says, will be a valuable asset as it launch the Nanni range of products.