Italian marine industry association Nautica Italiana has confirmed Lamberto Tacoli as chairman for the coming three years. The decision guarantees continuity for the association and acknowledges the work carried out by Tacoli since 2015. Michele Gavino and Giovanna Vitelli were also confirmed in their positions as vice presidents, while Claudio Galbo, Daniele Guidi, Matteo Italo Ratti were newly appointed as vice presidents of the Associatoion.

The assembly also appointed the Consellors representing each sector included in Nautica Italiana, from shipbuilding to refitting, repair, accessories, components, services, marinas, and design studios shipbuilding: Alberto Amico, Cataldo Aprea, Fabio Pesto, Dino Salvemini, Enrico Sgarbi e Giancarlo Galeone are the newly appointed Consellors.

“I am very proud to accept the confirmation as Chairman of Nautica Italiana and I am grateful to the Associates for renewing their trust not only in me and in the Chairing Committee, but also in giving continuity to an innovative project that will play a strategic role in the present and future of our industry", declared Lamberto Tacoli. ‘We are currently enjoying a market recovery but we are also facing new and complex challenges. For this reason, the coming three years will be focused on some very important goals such as representing the entire spectrum of the Italian boating industry, protecting our traditions and connecting them with the global markets, as well as supporting the small and Medium Enterprises”.

Nautica Italiana is an Italian Nautical Association affiliated to Fondazione Altagamma which counts today over 110 member companies representative of all sectors of the Italian boating industry, both in terms of turnover and related sectors. The global combined turnover of its members in 2017 was over 1.8 billion Euro’s, with a workforce of over 4,000 employees.

Among the main achievements of the last three years of activity were the first two editions of Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous that, in its second edition recorded 22,000 visitors; the B2B Day which, for the first time, brought together all the Associates of Nautica Italiana to foster dialogue between producers and suppliers; the partnership with Chinese group Visun to support companies in entering the Chinese market; and, finally, Nautica Italiana was recelty appointed as Expert in the European Commission -DG Enterprise panel.