Nautical Boat Club said that it has started an accelerated path to franchise ownership for its employees. Its Club H2O is designed to allow Boat Club hires to become owners of their own franchise locations through a structured path to ownership.

“Business ownership is part of the American Dream,” said Tom Gardiner, a Nautical Boat Club franchisee who took ownership of the company in 2012. “We’re excited to offer Club H2O to our exceptional employees who want to turn that dream into a reality.”

The company currently has about a dozen locations in Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and Wisconsin. It has a membership structure in which clients pay annual membership fees to use each club’s boats.

Club H2O will possibly allow qualified employees with a minimum of three years of management experience to be considered for a general manager position at a new location they intend to purchase. It also allows a select group of general manager candidates the option to purchase that franchise location following three years there.

The company said it will give the employee-purchases a discount for each year they have been with Nautical Boat Club after the first year, up to 50% on the purchase price.

“We want to help our people fulfill their potential and elevate those who have established themselves in this business,” said Gardiner in a statement. "The program rewards employees who stay with the company and work toward a bigger goal, while current franchisees benefit from employees who are more motivated, productive and stable."