A new company, Drysta Australia, was recently set up to develop new drystack facilities Down Under. Drysta Australia follows the launch of Drysta Europe in Spain last year. Both companies are associated with Capria, a 50-year-old Argentinian firm that has built over 30 drystack facilities in Argentina.

Drysta Australia is being set up in conjunction with Butchart Marine Services, which holds the exclusive distribution for Capria drystacks in Australia. Butchart also represents companies such as Roodberg, a Dutch builder of travel lifts and slipway trailers, Brownell Boat Stands from the US, and Den Hartog Ace marina floats, also from the US.

Drysta Europe, in the year or so it has been operating, has developed one project on the Costa Brava in Spain and another four are under negotiation. It is also working on a possible project on the UK’s Solent, the exact location of which is covered by a confidentially agreement.

Drysta designs and engineers drystack facilities with space for 400 boats up to 12m (40ft) using one gantry. The overhead gantry travels the full length of the hall and is able to lift boats from both the top and bottom of the gantry.

To date the smallest of the 30-plus drystacks built by Capria was for 200 boats and the largest for 2,000 boats comprising five halls with 400 boats each and with one gantry in each hall. Another project in the US is development in Boston, Massachusetts that is designed to handle boats up to 15m (50ft).