Sweden's Nimbus Boats will show their very first model in a new brand series of motorboats at the Boot 2018 in Düsseldorf. The first model is the totally new Nimbus Weekender 9.

Weekender 9 (W9) is a 9 metres weekend boat for social activities with overnight accommodation for four people. W9 is loaded with Nimbus DNA and design elements from historical Nimbus models. The similarities with the iconic Nimbus 26 DC are evident while there are also many features from the 21 DC, 32 DC, Max II, R series and the 305 Drophead.

“We have chosen the best of the best and have meticulously improved design, functionality, safety and comfort for all on board. Weekender 9 can be fitted with an inboard or outboard engine”, says Jonas Göthberg, Commercial Director at Nimbus Boats Sweden AB in Gothenburg.

Nimbus will produce the new boats in Poland and equip them with outboard engines or diesel/gasoline inboards, to suit customer demand. The boats have a new air lubricated stepped hull design, a low planing threshold and a razor-sharp bow section.

The W9 is the first model of eight to come, built from the ground up. The new series will be available in three hull lengths; 8, 9 and 11 metres. The line-up consists of three purpose built versions for specific uses. Weekender (W9, W11) for day trips and social activities. Tender (T8, T9, T11) for all types of daily activities, transportation, water sports and fun and the Commuter (C8, C9, C11) for transportation all year round.