Speaking to IBI in Taiwan last week, the president of Ocean Alexander, Johnny Chueh, revealed that the company is already advanced in developing a new line of boats that will appeal to a different market sector in the USA and will also introduce Ocean Alexander into the European market.

“Currently 98% of our revenue is derived from the United States market. Our designs, which range from 70ft-155ft, have a strong reputation for quality and engineering and are pitched at the premium end of the market in terms of pricing. We have three factories in Taiwan and one in Florida, USA, which is just producing our 76ft model as it is more economic to produce this smaller yacht closer to the market. Current production is up to 20 yachts a year from our Taiwan factories and a similar number from the US facility.”

Chueh went on to describe the rationale behind the new range: “The profile of our US customers, the average age range of which is 50 to 60, is quite conservative and the specifications of our yachts reflect their requirements which are quite US centric in terms of equipment and finish. Our new line will be have a different focus aiming at a new market sector in terms of detailing and finish and will appeal to customers who want the latest aids to boat handling and navigation, while still retaining our traditional values of quality and engineering excellence. The new range will also allow us to look at the European market and other markets that we are not currently in.”

When questioned more on the introduction date for the new line and the manufacturing site, Chueh said: “We are already in the production stage with a view to announcing more details late in 2017 or early 2018. I would not rule out the possibility of manufacturing in Europe, but there are no plans for this yet”.

Ocean Alexander has been in business for 40 years and has policy of producing series production yachts with a large range of standard options. Unlike other builders in Taiwan, it does not undertake semi-custom builds.