BoatExchange, a virtual community where boat owners from all around the world can enter the features of their own boat and exchange it for free with other users for holidays, appears to be gaining traction in the market with the company claiming over 400 users with increased usage recorded since the platform became compatible with smartphones and tablets a few weeks ago.

Launched last year by Fabrizio Fabbri, a fashion entrepreneur with a love of the sea, BoatExchange is progressively expanding its community and offers, multiplying the places in the world where a user can exchange their boat or share a boat holiday with another user. Entering, users can choose their favourite destination and boat and contact the owner with whom they want to exchange their own boat.

Since last September, the platform has also been offering a new formula allowing users to choose their favourite holiday destination and go sailing with the owner of the boat selected. According to the company this brings users into contact with other people sharing the same passion who have a knowledge of the places, their traditions and culture.

In addition to its 400 users, the platform now features 300 different ports and marinas spread across 30 different countries in Europe, USA, South America, Australia and Dubai. Boats are grouped in three different categories: motor, sailing and fishing.