Plans for a major marina costing some £20m in the Scottish port of Stonehaven appear to have been aborted. The reason given, in a report in The Courier newspaper, is that Aberdeenshire Council views the proposal as unviable.

The project has been around for a number of years, but five months ago the Stonehaven Town Partnership attempted to relaunch the marina plan in a further move to redevelop and modernise the historic harbour. A feasibility report from consultants PJ Consulting & Associates raised questions about the value of the development. The Partnership offered various ideas, including a marina costing between £10m and £20m.

As a result of this, Stephen Archer, Aberdeenshire Council’s Director of Infrastructures Services, decided to put an end to the whole proposal based on the ‘unviability’ view.

The move to redevelop the port was initiated after it began losing money. The redevelopment plans were seen as a way to try and breathe new life into the harbour facility. Council planners feel there is some value in following some of the findings in the PJ Consulting report. These include the establishment of a sailing school, yacht club and diving school.

The biggest problem identified in the report relates to the port’s breakwater, which is in danger of being breached. It suggests either building a new breakwater or leaving the port as is.