French safety specialist and liferaft manufacturer Plastimo has introduced an 18-year warranty on all new liferafts as well as any models purchased since January 2012.

“Forty years of liferaft design and innovation by our R&D, local production and in-house servicing have provided us with unique feedback on product durability and patented technology (exclusive double chamber construction)," says Yann Cornec, Plastimo’s general manager.

"It also reflects Plastimo’s confidence in our manufacturing process, it confirms that selecting high-grade durable materials is essential. And it enhances the dedicated work of our teams and that of our servicing stations worldwide.”

One of the key benefits, says Plastimo, is that a boat owner’s liferaft budget now spreads over a much longer period of time. In most countries, servicing is required every three years. A liferaft that is serviced in Year 18 by the Plastimo factory or by a Plastimo-authorised station is very likely to be certified for another three years, making it a 21-year lifetime, says the company.