In 2017, Polish boatbuilders exported some 1,427 outboard motor craft with a length of more than 5.5 metres (18 ft) to Norway. Last year’s results strengthened Poland’s position as the leading exporter to the Norwegian market within this segment, according to data released by the country’s recreational craft industry association NORBOAT.

In terms of its export sales to Norway, in 2017, the Polish boatbuilding industry preceded its Finnish counterpart which was ranked as second, the NORBOAT said in a statement. Last year, Finland’s boatbuilders were ranked first regarding their exports of aluminium boats to the Norwegian market.

The NORBOAT was set up in 2002. The industry association says it represents the interests of some 310 companies active in the Norwegian boatbuilding industry. In addition to its role as a consultative body and partner for the country’s public authorities, the NORBOAT organises two local trade shows, Sjøen for Alle (Sea for All) and Båter i Sjøen (Boats in the Sea).

The figures on Norway’s boat imports were released in relation to this year’s edition of the Sea for All show which was held on 9-13 March.