Polish boatbuilder Alu Boats is developing a prototype aluminium catamaran, the Gawot II, that will be adapted to the needs of senior seafarers.

The latest initiative was launched by Henryk Widera, a 90-year-old seafarer, who says he came up with the idea while sailing along the French Mediterranean Sea shore.

"Last October, I had an accident while I was sailing on the Mediterranean Sea. And I thought it would be good to have such a catamaran," Widera told local broadcaster Radio Szczecin.

The catamaran’s design was developed by Zbigniew Zbroja, an engineer from the Western Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, who said that the craft includes a number of safety features for seniors. Among its features, the catamaran will offer improved stability, and an immersion of 30 cm, according to Zbroja.

The price of the catamaran was not disclosed.

Set up by local businessman Mariusz Snarski, Alu Boats operates a facility in Szczecin, in the country’s north-western part. The Polish company specialises in developing aluminium catamarans and house boats, among others, according to data released by Alu Boats.