Polish boatbuilder TTS sp. z o.o. is to hire at least 100 new workers at its shipyard in Goleniow, in northwest Poland, amid plans to raise output by another 20% this year.

TTS produces around 600 yachts and motorboats per annum, reports local broadcaster Radio Szczecin. The majority of the firm’s output is intended for export, as is the case for the majority of local boatbuilders. As much as 95% of the Polish boatbuilding industry’s output is exported, according to data from national marine industry association Polboat.

Some of the major foreign markets for TTS include Western European countries such as Germany and Spain, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Turkey.

The company’s shipyard in Goleniow has a workforce of more than 700. Located in the Goleniowski Industrial Park, the yard opened in 2008 with an initial floorspace of 10,000sq m.

Established in 1996, TTS joined Germany’s HanseYachts Group 11 years later, and subsequently went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.