Sweden’s Sail Racing International has been made the exclusive apparel supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand, defender of the 36th America’s Cup. Sail Racing will provide the team with technical racing gear as well as shore gear in their campaign to defend the trophy.

Sail Racing CEO Joakim Berne says the team will be highly involved in the development of the group's new technical products. "All feedback on existing products, new ideas and evaluation of our products in a high-speed sailing environment will be very important for our production and development team," he says.

Sailing has changed tremendously over the past several years. The power and speed of these foiling boats have created a much greater demand on the sailor’s physique and agility, which requires new and more high-tech equipment.

"Our approach has changed from producing garments for active sailors, to developing highly technical gear for sailing athlete," Berne explains. "Over the last couple of years, we have spent a lot of time and effort within our Sail Racing Design Lab to push fabric suppliers, designers and pattern constructors in the search for lighter more durable materials, better features and more functional fits. Now we will apply and evaluate this with the team.”

The partnership with Emirates Team NZ is based on a three-year contract and extends to the finals of the 36th America’s Cup that will take place in New Zealand in March 2021. “This constitutes three years of huge potential to develop our product range, and it also gives us the opportunity to reach new markets and create great new business opportunities,” says Berne.

Sail Racing will also design and manufacture an official Emirates Team New Zealand replica collection that will be available online through the Emirates Team New Zealand website, at sailracing.com, in stores in New Zealand, along with the on-site merchandise stores at America’s Cup World Series events around the world in 2019 and 2020. As well as at the America’s Cup race village in New Zealand, the home of the 2021 America’s Cup finals.