Schenker has teamed up with Raymarine to cooperate on a new touchscreen control for its watermakers.

Effective immediately, all Schenker watermakers can be managed directly from the latest Raymarine navigation devices – including Axiom, Raymarine’s powerful new multifunction navigation system.

According to Schenker, the partnership meets the specific demands of yachtsmen looking for integration and “ease to use” of all onboard equipment, including watermakers.

“The connection interface between the two different devices is not limited by the communication protocol used in nautical environment nowadays. This aspect is for sure an added value to this system due to its easy configuration which turns out to be quick, simple and flexible for further integrations.”

With Raymarine’s Axiom touchscreen, users can start and stop the watermaker, receive information on the working condition of the device, and manage other essential commands such as flushing the internal hydraulic circuit of the system or the reverse osmosis membranes with fresh water.

The interface box is an electronic device marketed by Schenker Watermakers and belongs to the optional items available for watermakers equipped with digital electronics.