In a continuing effort to make known the negative impacts of tariffs and trade wars on the recreational marine industry, SeaArk boats hosted its local Congressman, US Representative Bruce Westerman, for a briefing and tour of the Monticello, Arkansas-based aluminum boat builder.

SeaArk president Steve Henderson detailed his company’s growing sales and the doubling of its workforce over the past two years, and the cloud of uncertainty the industry faces under the current tariffs on aluminum, steel, marine components and boats.

“I appreciate the opportunity to see what all is taking place here at SeaArk Boats along with the economic benefits,” said Congressman Westerman. “Boating and fishing are something near and dear to me and the opportunities to do that here in Arkansas are important. SeaArk has been a good member of the business community and this part of the world for a long time and I hope to see them continue with their success.”

For his part, Henderson has joined the National Marine Manufacturers Association in their call for the industry to remain vocal with elected officials, regulators and trade representatives. “It’s important to discuss these issues that are facing the marine industry and our company, and we look forward to continuing this discussion,” he said.