New Zealand-based Sealegs, a builder of amphibious craft, has announced the Australian commencement of its Amphibious Boat Builders Program.

The program was established by Sealegs to give traditional boatbuilders outside New Zealand access to its patented amphibious technology. It was driven by the international demand for a greater variety of models and applications, says the company.

“The launch of the Boat Builders Program will not only expand the market potential for amphibious boats, it will also focus Sealegs on its technology,” says CEO David McKee Wright. “In focusing on Sealegs technology the company will be able to leverage the skills and resources of existing boat manufacturers, working locally in international markets to bring new models to market faster.

Boatbuilders such as Stabicraft, Asis Boats and Gemini Marine have all successfully integrated Sealegs technology into hulls in their range, and these collaborations have helped to create and embed the processes behind the program.

Sealegs says it will support new boatbuilder partners through a rapid initial assessment and a review of technical specifications, drawings, weight calculations and donor hull considerations. As they move to integrating the right Amphibious Enablement System for their hull, Sealegs will assist with technical feasibility analysis, design and prototyping.