A new Superyacht Build, Repair and Refit Trail is among several new features planned for the 2018 Seawork International Commercial Marine & Workboat Exhibition & Conference in the UK. There will also be a new Composites Pavilion and an enhanced focus on maritime training and skills. The event is being held from July 3-5 in Southampton.

In addition to Seawork’s exhibitors supplying directly within the industry, they also supply to vessel and component manufacturers, builders and repairers across adjacent marine sectors, which has driven the need to provide focus in support of these sub-sectors.

Seawork’s organisers stated: “The new Superyacht Build, Repair and Refit Trail is being launched with the aim of supporting the requirements of the complexities of the large yachts. These vessels often share the needs of design, propulsion and support, and require a similar skillset from professionals across vessel and port operations, engineering through to commercial diving.

“The superyacht trail will feature representation from naval architects, ship builders and engineers, through to navigation and equipment manufacturers. The sophisticated materials and techniques used to build large vessels demonstrate a clear overlap between commercial marine and the superyacht sector, as do the designers and builders, who cater for similar challenges whilst developing these complex vessels.”

As to the new Composites Pavilion, Seawork points out that the use of fibre-reinforced polymer composites (FRPs) have already been used successfully in marine applications for several decades. However, there is increasing growth in using FRPs in more innovative ways for less well-known applications such as bearings, propellers, commercial hatch covers, exhausts and topside structures.

“The global composites materials market is growing at about 5% per year, with carbon fibre demand growing at 12% per year,” the organisers say. “The many component materials and different processes make composites extremely versatile and efficient, resulting in lighter, stronger, more durable solutions compared to traditional materials.”

Seawork’s Maritime Training & Skills Trail enables attendees to explore training, apprenticeships, employment and educational opportunities specifically within the commercial marine sector.