The Finnish family-owned Otto Brandt Group has purchased the newest Yamarin boat models from Konekesko Oy. The deal involves a model range of four different, partly unreleased boat models, that will be launched as part of the group’s own boat brand, Silver.

The deal consists of three fibreglass hulls in different lengths, which during Konekesko’s time had the model labels Yamarin 81, Yamarin 66 and Yamarin 64. The boats are so-called Day Cruiser models made fully out of fibreglass. The shortest hull is also available as a Bow Rider version with an open bow deck. The largest of the models, the Yamarin 81 DC, was launched to the public by Konekesko during the spring of 2016. Sales of the 81 DC were, however, suspended when Konekesko later announced that they were giving up the marine business altogether.

The four models now acquired by Otto Brandt were designed by Norwegian design company Eker Design AS, and are ultramodern recreational boats. The hull design was made by Swedish Petestep Ab, and the unique Petestep technology makes the boats not only silent and fuel efficient, but it also reduces the water splashes so that passengers and the interior are kept dry in all conditions. Under the leadership of Peter Krusberg, who will be joining Brandt, the new fibreglass boats will be refined to suit the existing Silver model range.

The first Silver boats were introduced back in the early 1990s and since then a total of around 16,000 boats have been manufactured at the factory in Ähtäri, Finland. Silver was one of the first boat manufacturers to combine fibreglass with aluminium, and for many years all Silver boats were produced with the AluFibre structure (ie. an aluminium hull and fibreglass interior). In later years Silver also introduced boat models that are aluminium both inside and out.

All Silver boats are made in Finland, at the Silver factory premises in Ähtäri, Southern Ostrobotnia.

In the past few years the marine department of Otto Brandt has become an increasingly important part of the business. By purchasing the newest Yamarin boat models, the group reinforces the existing model ranges and strengthens the company strategy.

“During the past few years the Silver model range has significantly been renewed, and we believe that this deal with Konekesko is a natural next step in order to expand our marine business towards a new, significant boat segment,” says Markku Hämäläinen, CEO of the Otto Brandt Group. “Many of our competitors have lately expanded their model ranges to include also hybrid aluminium boats, a segment in which Silver has previously been the forerunner. We see an increased demand for larger fibreglass boats in all our main markets, and through this deal we want to meet the needs of the consumers.”