Sunseeker International has signed a new long-term partnership with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE), a UK-based charity dedicated to protecting the oceans.

BLUE was established in 2010 by the team behind the film ‘The End of the Line’, which brought the world’s attention to the crisis of overfishing. The partnership with Sunseeker will increase awareness of ocean conservation by encouraging people to think about their impact on the oceans.

Sunseeker will also be working with BLUE to support the Blue Marine Yacht Club (BMYC), which was launched in 2012 by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. BMYC members play an active role in ensuring that the sea remains a natural resource for the future. All revenues raised from membership go directly to support BLUE’s work around the world.

Sunseeker fully endorses the BMYC and will actively promote membership with its clients to shape the way the ocean is protected for years to come.

Projects undertaken by BLUE include the creation of a marine-protected area around Ascension Island; restoring natural shellfish populations to the Solent; introducing sustainable fishing in the Aeolian Islands; and aiding in the clean-up of ocean plastic waste in the Mediterranean.