The Haines Group, master distributor for Suzuki Motor Corp in Australia and New Zealand for the past 16 years, has announced its intention to pull out of New Zealand.

With its long-term contract with Suzuki Motor expiring on 31 August 2018, The Haines Group has renegotiated its agreement to focus solely on the Australian market.

John Haines, chairman and CEO of Haines Suzuki Marine, says the decision to concentrate on the Australian market only will strengthen their commitment and would be beneficial to the Australian dealerships. This is the outcome of an agreement with The Haines Group and Suzuki Motor Corp.

Suzuki New Zealand will be responsible for the brand in New Zealand as of 1 September 2018.

Suzuki has a reasonably good foothold in the New Zealand market and recent years has seen a steady growth in their larger horsepower engines. These have proven especially popular in the commercial sector and with larger alloy trailer boat owners.

Suzuki’s dealership network throughout the North and South Islands should benefit from again having a strong Suzuki corporate presence in the country. In recent times, The Haines Group has been running the sales and distribution mostly from their base in Brisbane, Australia, and according to some local dealers in NZ, this has proven unsatisfactory both for the supply of parts and new engines.