The Swedish government has introduced subsidies for buyers of electric outboard engines. The move comes just months after the Social Democrat government – together with its coalition partners on the Left and the Green Party – introduced subsidies for buyers of electric bikes in February this year.

“We need to speed up the shift from dirty, inefficient and noisy combustion engines to clean, quiet and efficient electric motors. For the government, it is important to offer environmentally and climate-friendly choices for boat owners who want to contribute to a ‘greener’ way of life. There are many who want to protect our scenic coves and wildlife,” says climate minister Isabella Lövin.

Sweden, facing government elections in September, has one of the highest percentage of boaters per population of anywhere in the world.

Emissions from recreational craft to air and water are concentrated during a short season, which means that the environmental impact is significant. Older engines in pleasure boats give rise to large hydrocarbon emissions, which may affect different aquatic organisms.

A subsidy limit per person will be included. The contribution will correspond to 25% of the purchase price, including VAT (25%), but there is a maximum amount of SEK 10,000 for the contribution to be widely spread.

The Swedish government's target is to replace all 5hp internal combustion engines with electric engines. There will therefore be a lower power limit for the electric motors to be covered by the contribution.

The refund is retroactive from April 12, 2018.