US marine equipment-maker Protomet Corp continues to expand its facilities. The company has added 50 new jobs as it renovates its production facility in Loudon County, Tennessee.

“We’re looking to have the renovation complete, ready to kind of start operations, fully in July,” Jeff Bohanan, founder and president, told the Knoxville News. “We will be continuing to bring in equipment throughout this year.”

Protomet designs and manufactures products for the boating and other industries. It recently launched a company called PTM Edge Watersports to make its own high-end brands. Bohanan said the company plans to develop more boating products.

Bohanan said the company has job openings in shipping, assembly and finishing. “We’re now hiring at all levels,” he said.

Protomet acquired its Loudon facility, a former muffler plant, in 2016. Bohanen said Protomet would invest US$30m to convert the facility. The state gave the company a grant of US$1.5m to reimburse some costs, with the stipulation that Protomet hire 200 new workers over five years.

Protomet has already added 50 workers this year, with plans to hire more as the facility is completed. It has four more years to reach the goal.