Japanese outboard manufacturer Tohatsu has chosen GROW Iberia Lda to serve as its exclusive distributor in Spain.

GROW Iberia Lda, formerly known as GROW Produtos de Força Portugal, is based in the Portuguese town of Sintra. The company has been actively operating as a distributor for Tohatsu outboards, Lomac inflatable boats and other industrial products in Portugal and has a depth of experience, expertise and knowledge as a distributor – especially in marine sector.

Focusing now on the Spanish market, GROW Produtos de Força Portugal has taken the legal steps to change its company name to GROW Iberia Lda.

“I saw the change of company name to GROW Iberia Lda as their sign of commitment toward our business and feel privileged to have such a partnership,” says Kuniharu Maki, general manager of the marine sales department at Tohatsu Corp. “We are also committed to work closely with GROW Iberia Lda and strengthen our business in the Spanish market.”

Tohatsu was founded in 1922 and lays claim to being the first mass producer of outboard motors in Japan.