An international bidding tender has been launched by Transport Malta for a 25-year concession to operate the Gzira Gardens marina which has around 60 berths for smaller yachts and boats up to about 16m (53ft). The move comes more than 10 years after the Maltese government first indicated that it wanted to privatise the marina.

The marina concession relates to a 55,000sq m area with open berthing and a number of stern-to berths on the quay adjacent to the Gzira Gardens. According to a Times of Malta report, Transport Malta envisages a two-year period during which the chosen operator will upgrade the marina and install pontoons.

Following this initial period, berthing fees will then be charged based on a tariff set by the operator. As part of the concession the winning bidder will have to accommodate the more than 50 craft berthed there which currently pay €185,000 a year.

The closing date for bids is December 11, 2017. Under the terms of the operating agreement, the winning bidder will have to pay a one-time lump sum as well as an annual concession fee of no less than €175,000 during the term of the contract.

Photo: Courtesy of Times of Malta