A new 82ft all-carbon high-performance catamaran currently under construction in Cape Town, South Africa will debut a new 'Windoor' developed by Swiss manufacturer Mecaplex – among several innovative new features.

The boat is a joint venture involving boatbuilders Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing and Du Toit Yacht Design, which have previously combined to produce many of South Africa's top luxury catamarans.

Responding to queries about the new boat, the build team said the ‘Windoor’ was one of the newest and most promising features incorporated into the design. “It allows for huge amounts of natural ventilation with infinite adjustment options at the touch of a button,” the team said in a statement. “The design is a take on a ‘Gullwing’ style door, which hinges on the forward end of the coach-roof top with mechanical linear actuators opening it a full 95°, allowing full access to the wing deck from the saloon.

“Due to the large size and geometry of the doors it produced a design and engineering challenge. For sealing the doors the normal sealing method needed to be improved on, hence the use of radial inflatable seals, which also put a lesser load on the gutters and hinge mechanism,” the statement said.

The Windoor is being manufactured by Mecaplex at a hi-tech facility in Grenchen, Switzerland. Mecaplex specialises in producing multilayer transparency screens for aircraft, helicopters and various other vehicles. They also produce other customer specific products, such as acrylic machine covers, boat windows and specialised composite parts.

“A new unique hybrid lightweight glazing method called ‘Liteshield’ is being developed specifically for the Windoor design. This method combines acrylic and float glass together, using the benefits from both products resulting in a light weight and scratch resistant surface,” the statement said.

Other new boat features include a low contemporary coach-roof as well as optimised hull lines “to give her the best possible performance” while still retaining the trademark features of the (Two Oceans Marine) Open Ocean range – such as the spacious aft cockpit and open plan saloon area with panoramic views.

The boat is due to be completed at the end of 2018.