Hunton, a UK, Hampshire-based builder of high-end powerboats, is looking to raise between £5m and £10m, according to a report in The Sunday Times newspaper.

Hunton currently builds two highly spec'd powerboats, the XRS43 and XRS37, as well as two tender models, the 1005 and 830. A new flagship 52ft cruiser capable of 65kts, the EQ52, is to be unveiled later this year.

Accoridng to The Sunday Times, Hunton has acquired the services of corporate finance firm Bluebox to help find backers to fund expansion and a relaunch of the brand.

Hunton powerboats was founded in 1979 by poweboat racer Jeff Hunton, who retains a small hilding in the business. Today the boatbuilder is run by Fiona Pool, a former Goldman Sachs banker.