A new yacht repair and refit provider has formed in the UK through a joint venture between Penzance Dry Dock and YachtProjects International LLC. The new partnership will see Penzance Dry Dock's Cornish facility return to working on yachts, which it has done in the past.

The joint venture will use what is claimed to be the oldest dry dock in Europe, dating from 1834. Penzance Dry Dock was initially leased and then bought by the Isles of Scilly Group. In 2015, the dock was given a £200,000 makeover by the Steamship Group. This involved it having its roof and sides completely replaced with high specification Plastisol-coated steel sheeting. The dock is 12m x 75m (39ft x 246ft) wide.

Part of the dock’s role is to maintain the Steamship Group’s ferry and freight vessels but it will now be available for yacht work. In addition to the dock, the group also has subsidiaries providing engineering services to both the marine and other sectors. The dock complex also includes a wet berth as well as modern and functional fabrication and workshop space.

As the partner in this new venture, YachtProjects International LLC, with offices in Florida and the UK, undertakes refit and repair project management and offers servicing work globally. The sister company, Procom365 LLC, designs, supplies, installs and manages onboard ship communication systems including satellite hardware and airtime, onboard networks and remote management of all services and mandatory communication needs.

Additionally, YachtProjects is the European agent for Headhunter Inc, a leading supplier of marine black water treatment and onboard water management systems.

Pippa Nicholas, owner and technical director of YachtProjects International, says: “We see this joint venture as an opportunity to give the yachting community in Europe something that has been missing in the past – a cost-effective place to undertake annual, five and 10-year survey work.

“Our niche client owns a slightly older classic, motor or sail yacht,” she adds. “These vessels are where the Penzance Dry Dock skills in steel repair, propellers, shafts, rudders, stabilisers, underwater valve service and replacement come into play. Thus, we can fix price work simply because the haul out cost does not have to cover overhead not associated directly with the task at hand.”

YachtProjects International has completed work totalling more than US$250m in commercial shipyards globally, including Australia, Singapore and South Africa.

Kevin Ayres, marine superintendent at Penzance Dry Dock and the Steamship Group, says: “Working with YachtProjects International is a natural progression for us at Penzance Dry Dock. The company has worked within commercial ship circles as well as the modern-day yacht, and has a full understanding of what both a captain and the crew require from their yard time.

“We are looking forward to welcoming new customers to the dry dock and continuing to develop our relationship with YachtProjects International,” he continued.