In a major UK-China link-up in the marine propeller sector, Britain’s Stone Marine Propulsion has formed a joint company with NGC Marine to create a world-leading supplier of propulsion and marine gearbox propulsion equipment.

In the yachting sector, Stone Marine is particularly known for its Bruntons custom propeller products.

The new company, Stone Marine Propulsion NGC Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Stone Marine Propulsion and based in the UK, is marketing a range of technologically-advanced propulsion solutions and high-quality marine gearboxes at competitive prices.

Companies House records in the UK show that Stone Marine’s stake is at least 75%.

NGC (Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co Ltd) is headquartered in Nanjing but since 2007 it has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the name China Transmission. The deal will see the new company taking on the international marketing of NGC marine products.

The new joint company combines the considerable experience of Stone Marine Propulsion in propeller design, hydrodynamics and metallurgy with that of NGC Marine Ltd, a leading manufacturer of high-quality marine propulsion and gearbox equipment whose products satisfy the requirements of all leading classification societies.

Units are available to suit a wide range of vessel types and sizes, including yachts, merchant, commercial and offshore vessels. Already available are CPP propeller systems, Azimuth and Tunnel Thrusters of various types, and the company will also be custom-designing and manufacturing propeller, shaft and rudder products built to ensure the best possible performance for the vessel to which they are fitted.

An extensive range of marine gearboxes are also already available.

In a statement, Stone Marine says: “The CPPs are supplied with control systems which optimise pitch settings for economy and speed and fully feathering versions are available to reduce drag on sailing yachts or vessels with multi-screw propulsion. The company’s range of Azimuth Thrusters and Tunnel Thrusters can be supplied with fixed pitch or CPP propellers with power provided by diesel, electric or hydraulic motors depending on the application. Thrusters are available in many different configurations including retractable twin screw and deck mounted units.

“Combining the knowledge and experience of these two highly-respected companies promises a range of propulsion and gearbox solutions which will provide designers, owners and operators with cost effective solutions for all their propulsion needs,” the statement adds.