North River Boats in the US plans to add another building to increase its manufacturing abilities. The Oregon-based aluminium builder builds recreational, commercial and government boats. The new 33,750sq ft building give North River 88,000sq ft of production space.

“If we continue to grow at the pace we’ve been growing, by adding this much space we will have the capacity to continue to grow for another seven to eight years,” CEO Brent Hutchings told The News-Review. Construction of the new building will begin in June and be completed by the end of November. It is expected to cost US$2.5m.

The building will also be used to train new workers in a dedicated bay. That removes new workers from the main production environment.

North River will be awarded a US$100,000 grant through the local county’s development board. The $100,000 grant is designed to help support employers as they create new living wage jobs in Douglas County.

“We’re grateful to the community, and we love manufacturing in Douglas County,” Hutchings said. “I give a shout out to our wonderful employees without whom this expansion would not be possible.”