VesselVanguard, a maintenance management tool for boat owners and manufacturers, has launched a 24/7 customer support centre manned by service professionals – the Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC).

The new program was previously launched for owners of Formula Boats and is now being offered in a tailored format to all subscribers of the VesselVanguard platform as part of their subscription.

VesselVanguard partnered with Boat Fix, a US-based firm with over 25 years of experience offering similar services in Europe, to develop the program.

“We have led the way in providing peace of mind to boat owners by transforming their boat maintenance from best guess to best practice,” says VesselVanguard founder and owner Don Hyde. “The information we have on each boat and their maintenance requirements and histories perfectly positions VesselVanguard to offer first-level triage when an emergency occurs.”

Accessible anywhere, at any time by computer, tablet or smartphone, VesselVanguard provides boat owners with an easy, fast and secure means to manage the maintenance and inspection needs of their boat. The Cloud-based profile contains all manuals in searchable form with current updates, warranty data, registration and insurance documentation organised to the preferences of the owner.