Webasto and WhisperPower said they have entered into a global distribution agreement. Webasto said it wanted to add electrical power products and systems to its product offerings, while WhisperPower will expand its global distribution.

A joint statement said that WhisperPower’s electric systems will now become available in many more EU countries, and installers can now bundle key products from the two companies for installation on yachts.

Roel ter Heide, founder and CEO of WhisperPower, called it a “big step forward” for his young company. “Both companies are active in the same market sectors so the synergy is obvious,” said ter Heide in the statement. “In England we have been able to acquire a large market share in the mobile market in a short space of time thanks to the cooperation with Webasto Thermo & Comfort UK. Now we are busy doing the same thing in the maritime sector.

Fabian Bez, who oversees Webasto’s Thermo and Comfort global division, said it will now have a complete range of new products and systems. The partnership is also in line with Webasto’s aim to become a key player in the e-mobility market. The company has developed product lines for different drive types to enhance battery performance and cabin heating, engineering and assembly of high quality design-to-cost battery systems and charging solutions.

“WhisperPower gives us access to systems that generate power in those places where there is no fixed or reliable network connection available,” said Bez in the statement. “The product synergy is perfect, giving us the ability to provide the electrical power needed to operate many of our own products.”