The world’s 27th largest superyacht, the 115m (377ft) Luna, has changed ownership as part of a £453m divorce settlement. This is the largest divorce case filed in the UK.

Luna was originally commissioned by Roman Abramovich at a reported cost of some £350m but it was subsequently sold to Farkhad Akhmedova, a Russian oligarch and close billionaire associate of Vladimir Putin.

The UK High Court has decided that Luna should be handed to Tatyana Akhmedova as part of a divorce settlement between the couple.

Farkhad Akhmedova, aged 61, made his fortune in the gas industry. Judge Haddon-Cave came to his decision after the billionaire allegedly made attempts to evade paying his ex-wife 41% of his fortune.

Luna has been in dry dock in Dubai since last October, which, the judge suggested, Akhmedova might have felt was beyond the jurisdiction of an English court decision.

The judge reported that the billionaire had undertaken “an elaborate and contumacious campaign to evade and frustrate the enforcement of the of the judgement debt against him.”

The campaign included having Luna transferred to a company ultimately controlled by the entrepreneur as part of the effort to fight enforcement.

Luna is now effectively impounded in Port Rashid in Dubai.