Norway’s Windy Boats has altered its sales channel approach in Sweden by taking on direct sales to the end-user. The company has terminated its partnership agreement with INA Marin in Stockholm, setting up a Windy Marine Scandinavia AB sales office in the city.

Windy has implemented major changes in recent years by moving its headquarters from Arendal, Norway to Västervik in Sweden. All production has since moved from Norway to both Sweden and Poland.

As the factory and head office is located in Västervik, sales and marketing can be done more cost-effectively by bringing sales closer to production, as well as displaying new models in their showroom.

Windy Marine Scandinavia AB has also hired Mattias Kolm to lead sales in Sweden. Kolm has many years of experience in boat sales, having previously worked for INA Marin where he handled the Windy boat brand.

“We see an opportunity to strengthen our presence in the Swedish market and increase profitability,” says Carl Fornander, COO and general manager of Windy Marine Scandinavia AB. “We are very pleased to have Mattias on board, who has extensive experience and knowledge. It will strengthen us properly.

“INA Marin has handled the sale and management of the Windy brand very professionally throughout the years,” he adds, “but with the changes Windy has made in recent years and the current market conditions, we believe this is the way to go.”

Until now, INA Marin handled sales of Windy boats on Sweden’s east coast. Gillholm Marina has been representing the brand on the west coast since last year.