Yamaha Marine has created a new Marine Video Communications Department within its marketing division that allows the company to produce videos for dealers, boatbuilders and consumers.

Examples of the videos to be produced include product walk-arounds, maintenance and how-to videos, product user manuals and live-event feeds.

The goal is to expand all Yamaha outboard video communications, improve the reach of education and training materials, and grow the presence of the Yamaha Marine brand.

“Short videos have become more important tools for communication and learning, particularly as people turn to hand-held devices for much of the information they consume," says Martin Peters, senior manager of communications at Yamaha Marine Group.

Bradley Massey will lead the new Video Communications Department, taking the role of video production manager. Massey has more than 17 years of experience as an editor and producer with Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta, Georgia.

David Crowther and Murphy Thelen will serve as video production specialists and will report to Massey. Collectively, they have 13 years of video production experience and are responsible for the creation of all studio and on-location production, script writing, video editing and coordination of video distribution.