Allpower Marine, an Australian distributor of Hyundai SeasAll has announced details of new drive adaptor kits for its range of diesel engines allowing the Korean brand to couple with existing Volvo Penta stern legs during a vessel repower.

“Using new technology engines from Hyundai SeasAll in a repower and being able to couple it to an existing stern leg is an easy and cost-effective way to repower without over capitalising, especially when it comes to older boats,” explains Mark Harrison, business development manager at Allpower Marine.

Hyundai SeasAll engines have previously been available with and to couple to Mercruiser stern legs.

One of the first Volvo Penta adaptor kits to be used was by Richard Staines of White Striker Charters on Lake Taupo where a Hyundai SeasAll S250 was installed into his 1997 Genesis 320 Euro and coupled with the existing Volvo Penta DP 290 stern leg.

Staines commented that in making the choice of installing a Hyundai S250 into his craft, the ability to keep his existing Volvo Penta stern leg was not only easier, but more cost effective too.

“I really wanted to keep my Volvo Penta stern leg, it’s a great drive, and I have maintained it myself ever since I’ve had the boat – basically I know that leg inside and out. What’s more, it has pretty much halved the cost of the whole exercise in the fact that I didn’t have to buy a new drive too,” says Staines.

As well as being able to keep his current stenleg, reliability was a key factor in installing the S250 into the boat. “On the lake, reliability is a must especially in the case of a commercial charter boat like ours. Hyundai has a world class reputation for the reliability of their products which was very reassuring when we purchased,” he explains.

Staines says that the improved performance from the Hyundai S250 was quite noticeable and has since transformed the boat.

“As soon as you put the boat into gear there is a smooth supply of power with more low down torque. There is more useable power right from when you engage it into drive, and then right through the rev range. The new engine is a lot lighter than the previous one, the boat gets right up on the plane now and doesn’t ‘drag it’s bum’ like it used to.”

Staines estimates that his fuel savings with the new Hyundai SeasAll power plant installed is quite significant.