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    Marketplace: Marina equipment


    Global economic ups and downs aside, the space available to keep boats has a direct bearing on boating market growth. Berth provision varies from region to region, but increasing boat sizes, shortages of sites, planning authorities’ attitudes and an ever-growing welter of environmental regulation all put pressure on boating infrastructure. ...

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    BUSINESS REPORT | The Netherlands


    The Dutch market remains relatively buoyant, with an increasing number of manufacturers investing to increase efficiencies in the face of increased competition from abroad. Though the outlook remains positive, the potential lack of skilled workers to shoulder the growth remains cause for concern.

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    BUSINESS REPORT | Mexico: Marina mayhem - Everyone agrees there’s a shortage of slip spaces, but a hot debate is under way over where to put them


    There is also a question about what type of facilities should be built — for large yachts or small sailboats

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    Despite a poorly developed infrastructure, many think Mexico’s boating market has significant potential for growth. Brunswick Corp, planning for a long-term presence, is investing millions into creating a national dealer network.

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    Poland’s track record as a contract boatbuilder for a number of key European and US yards is well documented. However, demand for home-grown brands is on the rise too — and not just in export markets, as early indications suggest that an increasing number of ‘middle-class’ Polish consumers are slowly ...

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    BUSINESS REPORT | USA equipment report: Northern migration


    Hurricanes, high taxes and insurance are prompting some equipment manufacturers to relocate from Florida. Is this the beginning of a long-term exodus?

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    Preview Monaco 2007 Yacht Show | Superyacht central


    This year’s Monaco show is set to reinforce its position as the world’s prime meeting point for all sides of the superyacht business — from owners and buyers, builders, naval architects and designers, equipment and service providers to captains and crew. Bob Greenwood reports.

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    Yacht owner | John Rosatti: Investor relations


    American John Rosatti explains to Bransom Beam his approach to yacht investment and recounts his experiences of cruising in the Mediterranean aboard his new Christensen 157 Nice ‘n’ Easy during the 2007 summer season.

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    Russia’s marine potential has until recently been a story of extremes, divided between the large motor- and superyacht sectors and the runabout market, but as boating’s appeal widens and the first wave of boaters looks to upgrade, things are changing.

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    Menorquin Yachts | Classic novels


    Menorquin Yachts is in the process of tweaking its distinctive motorcruiser formula to appeal to a wider international audience. Phil Draper investigates.

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    New products


    New products

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    Germany’s marine leisure industry really is a tale of two halves. On the one hand its domestic retail activity is still rather lacklustre, despite a more positive economic backdrop. But on the other, a handful of boatbuilders and equipment companies lead the world and continue to find substantial growth in ...

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    SNAPSHOT | Ireland


    A lack of leisure marine facilities and infrastructure is threatening the future growth of an industry with significant potential.

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    Italy’s marine leisure industry, arguably the second-largest in the world in terms of production, appears immune to its country’s current lacklustre economic performance and continues to drive forward both at home and abroad.

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    Marketplace: Inboards for 2007


    After a few years of frenetic development of emissions-compliant engines to meet new EPA and EU restrictions, the inboard engine market is starting to slow.

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    NSW brokers graduate from inaugural BIA course


    The accredited course was designed to improve business practices in running a brokerage firm

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    MDL Marinas names new marina manager


    Europe's largest marina operator, Marina Developments Limited, appoints Michael Glanville as its new marina manager, effective immediately

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    Viking Yachts commended for employee health services programme


    The yacht builder was given an award by the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

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    US Coast Guard seeks nominees for boating safety advisory council


    The council is looking for representatives from marine manufacturers, associations and state boating safety officers

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    YDSA to hold annual conference


    The annual Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association's (YDSA) city conference will take place on March 21, 2006 at The Cruising Association in London, UK