Lumitec, a Florida-based marine LED specialist, has appointed Derema Group as its manufacturing representative in the United States. The firm will look after Lumitec’s product line in the North-eastern, Central, and Western regions.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have enjoyed extremely strong growth over the last 5 years,” says Lumitec president and founder John Kujawa.   “Looking forward we knew we needed to expand our team to ensure that all of our customers continue to enjoy prompt, responsive, and technically savvy field service. The Derema group offers exactly that.”

The partnership will see Derema Group providing regional account management, promotional and pull-through programs and support, and logistical merchandising assistance for Lumitec. The firm will also serve with strategic geographical targeted sales to key focus customers.

Derema Group was formed in 2000 from the merger of Eastern Marketing Associates and the R.J. deRecat Company.