Amsterdam-based Micanti, the manufacturer of Thorn-D foil, a toxic free antifouling foil, has won SME Innovation Top 100 award. The product operates based on small fibres, which make it very unattractive for organisms to attach to the hull of a ship.

The SME Innovation Top 100 is the biggest and most prestigious innovation award of The Netherlands.

Thorn-D foil was developed by Micanti’s founder Dr. Ir Rik Breur. The millions of tiny fibres or hairs on the foil are resilient and vibrate constantly by the water movement. This combination of prickliness and swaying of the fibres makes the surface unattractive for organisms to settle. The nylon fibres are similar to the spiky hairs that organisms have to combat fouling. The company says Thorn-D can prevent all sorts of macro-growth (think of mussels, barnacles, algae) to from settling.

Eric Pieters, co-owner of Micanti explains: “Since 2012, the product is commercially available to ships worldwide and the launch was very successful. In the past two years we notes so-called ‘double digit growth’ and as a company we developed very fast. The biggest successes are achieved in the Middle East in the professional shipping industry. But we go expand steadily towards a global clientele. Asia, America and Europe show a lot of interest in Thorn-D. Winning a prestigious title such as The Chamber of Commerce’s SME Innovation Top 100 is a great incentive for us. “

Thorn-D has a lifespan of at least five years.