Italian RIB manufacturer MV Marine is showcasing three new models at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2016.

MV Marine, a RIB manufacturer based in Naples, has presented three new models at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The company is exibiting for the first time at the French show.

The new models are Mito 31, Vesevus 35 and Mito 45. Ranging from 9m to 13m, these are 30% lighter than other vessels in the same size range, the Italian boatbuilder claims.

The company said it has invested heavily in R&D to create tenders that utilize the latest technologies from the automotive and aerospace sectors to achieve fuel savings without compromising quality or performance.

“R&D has been executed in conjunction with the Naval Engineering Department of the Federico II University of Naples to create a tender that has exceptional performance and provides cost savings in terms of fuel to the owner,” MV Marine explains in a statement.

Fuel cost savings

The claim is based on studies that take the 7.8m tender MV 780, which is equipped with a 250CV engine for a speed of 25ks, as a benchmark. The boatbuilder says the vessel provides fuel savings of €700 a year.

The company explains: “In a season a traditional yachtsman with a MV 700 performs about 70 hours of navigation with a consumption of 23/litres an hour with a total consumption of 1,610 litres of fuel. With fuel at approximately €2/liter the estimated seasonal cost is €3,220.

“Other vessel equally equipped consume on average 28litre/hour, hence for the same hours of navigation, requires 1,960 litres with an annual cost of €3,920.”

MV Marine says its three new models have been built following the same principle.

Founded in 1994 by Vincenzo Nappo, an engineer from the Vesuvius area of Naples, MV Marine product line comprises RIBs ranging 5m to 13m.

Mito 31, Vesvus 35 and Mito 45 are on display at the Cannes Yachting Festival this week.